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The concept of travel is shaped by things with meaning and love.

Hello everyone.
I'm Chadia!

Thank you for joining me on a journey where I figure out Life on God's terms. What does he want? What does he require of me?

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Coming from two
different cultures has
been instrumental in
how we’ve approached
our design process.

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Dear Woman

The letter below is the first letter in my sophomore work, Letters to My Sister. For me, it and some of the letters to follow, were and are deeply personal….

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Love Me. Don’t Tame Me.

The institution of marriage intrigues me. I love analyzing the relationships that men and women share. I love seeing how men and women grow and change and become one, and I love seeing how by crucifying self,…

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We Want Real Man?

Dear Brother, I’m sorry that in our attempts to provide a moral standard for manhood and womanhood – in the limitations of our human wisdom – we’ve confused legions of…

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The Real Man

Dear Real Man, I call you a real man not because you are faithful to your wife and love your children. I call you a real man not because you…

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The Virtue in Trouble