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December 2017


For The Daughters Who Miss Their Fathers

To my beautiful searcher,

My darling, I know that he was your king. He stood, and all those monsters under your bed went away. I remember once, waking up mid-scream, the only name on my lips was Dad. Ran, bared-feet to his arms to complain, that these demons don’t go away. He came, like a king, making decrees and prayed into that space, spoke peace within my being, and I knew in that moment, that this is what a man should be.

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We Want Real Man?

Dear Brother,

I’m sorry that in our attempts to provide a moral standard for manhood and womanhood – in the limitations of our human wisdom – we’ve confused legions of you.

We’ve made you believe that there is something that you can or cannot do that will exchange that which has been divinely conferred upon you. We were dead wrong. We are dead wrong!The standard should have ALWAYS been God. The standard is ALWAYS God. The standard will ALWAYS be God.

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The Real Man

Dear Real Man,

I call you a real man not because you are faithful to your wife and love your children.

I call you a real man not because you own the brand of loyalty that caused you to sacrifice your freedom and do some time in the joint in the stead of snitching on your homeboy who actually committed the crime. Read more


It’s All In The “Value of Choice”

I told a really close friend of mine once that: “In the pursuit of happiness, we actively try to avoid pain as ardently as possible. In actuality, however, the avoidance of pain is virtually impossible. Happiness isn’t the absence of pain, trials, or lack in our lives; instead, it is found in the perspectives we conceive and hold unto after the pain, trial, or lack is processed. It is ultimately found in contentment.”Read more


Being A Virgin Isn’t Enough

“It’s 2:57 am and I can’t sleep. God has placed some things of great significance on my heart as it pertains to relationships and emotions and how these things affect Christian men and women. I am a 22 year old Christian woman. I have never been in a relationship. My lips remain untouched. I am a virgin. Yet, I am not owner to that sense of wholeness and purity that should come with my chaste status.

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