Dear Brother,

I’m sorry that in our attempts to provide a moral standard for manhood and womanhood – in the limitations of our human wisdom – we’ve confused legions of you.

We’ve made you believe that there is something that you can or cannot do that will exchange that which has been divinely conferred upon you. We were dead wrong. We are dead wrong!The standard should have ALWAYS been God. The standard is ALWAYS God. The standard will ALWAYS be God.

Because of this standard, I can boldly say that your manhood hinges on nothing that you’ve done or haven’t done.

Men are real men by virtue of being men.

They love woman, they copulate with her, they desire her strength, her insight and the difference that she brings to their lives; they make babies with her, they are gentle, chivalrous and kind. They also sleep with other men, they are unfaithful, lacking in gentleness, kindness, and sensitivity. They are still men.

I think when people throw around the distinction between the man who is REAL and the one who isn’t, their  issue is not that men are not real men, because they are. Their issue is that men are not Godly men.

Society wants men who will reflect God’s heart and wisdom. They want men who desire to protect, provide for, honor and love their wives and children.  They desire to see men who are faithful and generous in displaying wisdom. They want men who demonstrate gentleness, kindness, patience, who keep no record of wrongs, within the construct of the divine design that is manhood. Society will NEVER have what it wants if God is removed from the picture.

So yes,  you are undeniably a REAL man. Still, I think a question not to be neglected is the question of what type of real man you are.

Are you a REAL DISHONEST man or are you a REAL HONEST man?

Are you a real UNFAITHFUL man or are you a REAL faithful man?

The choice of what type of REAL man you wish to be is yours. But just in case you’re aspiring to the zenith of manhood – just in case you aspire to the most beautiful expression of manhood – look up.  Ask the Lord for a revelation of his pattern of perfection. Study His Word and draw from a well of infinite wisdom.

He Is Perfect In All His Ways

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