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New York Has Me Thinking About Women’s Health

December 15, 2016

On November 21st, I took a 10 minute ride to Hewanorra International Airport. I had told no more than and a little less than two handfuls of people that New York would be home for me for the 6 months that would follow my date of departure.

My mission?

I had been selected to complete an internship in diplomacy and human rights with an organization called the World Youth Alliance. Of course, I was excited. Alicia Keys and Jay-Z’s anthem about the streets and bright lights that would inspire me was at the forefront of my mind. I probably didn’t think too much about the experience that I would gain at the United Nations because I didn’t want to pee my pants out of excitement. But I never thought that one of the things that I’d be thinking about was women’s health. I am a politics and economics kinda chick; so you see my dilemma.

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